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Beiter Sight Tunnel Ø 8 mm

Beiter Sight Tunnel Ø 8 mm
Manufacturer: Beiter Archery
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Beiter Sight Tunnel Ø 8 mm

The Beiter Sight Tunnel Ø8mm was the first Sight Tunnel designed by Werner Beiter. It can be combined with seven interchangeable inserts - all showing different aiming options - availble in 4 or 5 different colours. 
With the aid of the Sight-Pin Tool the inserts can easily be replaced.

The Beiter Sight Tunnel Ø 8mm is available in following colours: Black, Clear, Red and White. You can choose to buy a set including 2 Inserts or - if you prefer - a single Sight Tunnel and combine it with some of the options given by different insert types and colours or Frame Kit Inserts.

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