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Bowset Wooden Leisure 1

Bowset Wooden Leisure 1
Manufacturer: Core Archery
SKU: BOW.Wood.Set 1
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Bowset Wooden Leisure 1  for outdoor companies 


Boogset   Contains


54 Inch Length Bow  with  16 Lbs Limbs  for Kids

68 Inch Length Bow  with  18 Lbs Limbs  for Youth 

70 Inch Length Bow  with  22 Lbs Limbs  for Adults

set includes

  • Wooden Handle  RH or LH
  • Wooden Limbs
  • Dacron String with nocking Point
  • Arrow rest Hunter (strong)


These bows are suitable for almost every range of people from young to old   small or large


Bow will be prepared so ready to shoot

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