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Flemish Bowstring By Beuk

Flemish Bowstring By Beuk
Manufacturer: DAS Archery
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Flemish Bowstring By Beuk

Special made for DAS Roggel

All strings that are made are 3-bundle. These are tailor made for any kind of bow: hunting bow, longbow, and olympic recurve. With this technique of string construction, the String is twice as strong in the eyes and can be shot with some strands less (than the most common strings).


For a hunting bow or longbow, this means that this string is a bit stiffer, faster and quieter. This is an advantage for a 3D parcourse and / or field, so you have as little aberration as possible. This is achieved by using the maximum arrow speed.


For the Olympic recurve, this string is more stable and super fast! He is more willing to swallow mistakes because of less deviation.


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