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Hoyt handle Formula X 2019

Hoyt handle Formula X 2019
Manufacturer: Hoyt Archery
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Hoyt handle Formula X 2019

According to the engineer Doug Denton van hoyt, this is the best Handle/riser piece Hoyt has ever made, it has the same geometry of the earl hoyt handles. The mass weight is moved to the limb pockets to get a better balance. You can use the existing limb pocket weights to create the balance according to your own judgment. The Tiller bolts are constructed in such a way that they are processed with a high tolerance in the bow handle.

There is also a new dove tail system, where the limbs are placed. This has been made adjustable in a simple way. Definitely a plus point. The dynamic flex control has been modified to such an extent that the bow has become very endearing. The verta tune blocks have remained the same, however these points for the clicker position are lasered, so that it is easy to adjust. Each formula limb fits easily into this handle.

The total weight of the handle is 2.8 lbs

Products specifications
Handle made of : Aluminium
Limb fitting Formula