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Titan Sight Pin Scope Recurve Micro X-Vision 10-32

Titan Sight Pin Scope Recurve Micro X-Vision 10-32
Manufacturer: Titan Archery
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Titan Sight Pin Scope Recurve  Micro  X-Vision 10-32

  • Includes two, non-magnifying, WA/FITA legal lens lenses.
  • Selection of aperture inserts to best frame your target and get the best aim.
  • dot, dot and ring and fibre optic included.
  • Strong and durable design.
  • 10-32 thread size, the standard for recurve. 8-32 also available. 
  • Variety of colours available.
  • A smaller bodied Recurve aperture developed for those archers wanting a reduced target view and improved arrow clearance at longer distances.
  • Designed and FITA approved for recurve Fita Olympic competition, this scope offers unique features. Multi “O” ring lens retention also varies the aperture size from 10.5mm, 9mm down to 7.5mm in a few seconds.
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